The Moonshiners

Nathan Berry - Brass and Vocals

Nathan brings an infectious enthusiasm to the stage, singing harmonies and leading the horn section with swinging cornet melodies and New Orleans tailgate trombone. He also performs regularly with the Afro-Cuban group Malamanya.

Sam Skavnak - Reeds

A virtuosic devotee of traditional jazz, "Silky" Sam rounds out the Moonshiner's horns with his ever tasty clarinet and bari sax stylings. Sam is a pillar of the local scene, often playing with Patty and The Buttons and many others.

Michael Carvale - Upright Bass

Heavily influenced by traditional jazz and blues, Michael has performed all over the world. He has toured with such artists as Gunhild Carling, CW Stoneking and Pokey LaFarge.

Beth Varela - Drums

Beth studied film scoring at Berklee School of Music and completes the band's swinging rhythm section. She is a music educator specializing in percussion, piano and cello.