Miss Myra & the Moonshiners are a scintillating throwback throwdown with huge cross-generational appeal.

Listening to Miss Myra and the Moonshiners is like taking a swig of Tennessee’s finest moonshine; it’s smooth, with a kick. Inspired by the New Orleans tradition, the Moonshiners deliver the sultriest mix of vintage jazz and barrelhouse blues and nothing but the highest proof tunes can satisfy Miss Myra's soul.  She belts melodies hearkening back to the roots of America's original art form, invoking the powerful vocals of Bessie Smith with the silkiness of Lil Green, while the talented instrumentalists in her band shine through with the perfect accompaniment. Whether they pair up with clarinet, trumpet, trombone or all of the above, the Moonshiners are truly a refreshing taste of N’awlins in the Twin Cities.


“It is literally impossible to be sad or still when listening to these guys. More infectious than yellow fever, more personality than Sybil, more fun than bathtub whiskey and more soul than any kids this age should have. I love this band!”

Kevin Bowe, Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Prophets, Producer


“My favorite thing about Miss Myra and the Moonshiners is how they combine an obvious deference to the music and lyrics of early jazz with a fearless 21st Century perspective. They play grandma’s favorite songs in ways that make the grandkids sit up and listen. They instill me with an optimism that we’re on the threshold of the next Jazz Age.”

Tony Baluff, Jazz Clarinetist of the Southside Aces


“Miss Myra leads an exciting, talented and very entertaining band playing blues, standards and great New Orleans tunes.”

– Papa John Kolstad, Blues Legend of the West Bank


“The Moonshiners are not anything like their contemporaries. Most modern young musicians delve busily into the realm of pop hop, utilizing samplers, loopers, and effects. However, this troupe swings the group ear from timelined digital audio workstations to the woodblock clop and reed squeal, letting feel get the better.”

– Nathan Reeder, Twin Cities Booking Agent and Live/broadcast engineer 


“Miss Myra and her gang are a good time party band! Everyone from booze swilling hipsters to your grandma,will like them. They liven up any venue they play!”

– Jason Madeiros, Minneapolis Blues Guitarist